Labor vs Automation Infographic - How Automation Can Decrease Your Bottom Line

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SPI Automation, Inc, has been transforming complex and labor-intensive production tasks and processes into smoothly operating automated systems. With the integration of the latest robotic technologies and controls systems, we are able to save our customers time and money while increasing throughput and quality. We excel at providing solutions where “off the shelf” or “stock” solutions do not exist. We provide equipment that will be an investment in the future of our customer’s company. Our reputation as a successful automation and robotics integrator has come from our ability to provide custom solutions to unique and demanding project requirements. We are able to provide complete custom solutions through all critical stages of a project, from conceptual design to installation and support. Our engineering and manufacturing facility is located in North Salt Lake, UT. Our building was designed and built to our specifications and to suit our production and design needs. Our location allows us to ship by a number of different means in an efficient manner to our many customers located throughout the world.

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Learn How Robotics Can Increase Your Bottom Line

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