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Many modern control systems use a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) to control valves, pumps, motors and other machines used in a process. Process personnel can interact with the PLC system with a computer-based Human Machine Interface (HMI) product. A well-designed combination of PLC and HMI will serve as a strong foundation for the process automation needs of a business.

If your business needs assistance with both PLC and HMI, SPI Automation, is ready to help. We offer PLC and HMI programming to Utah clients. With our knowledge of current development platforms, along with our comprehensive system control history, we are able to provide proven technologies that will enhance your process efficiency.

We deliver well-documented and efficient programs that fit your existing system logic.

The Benefits of PLC Programming

PLC programming is extremely valuable to businesses. A few of its advantages are:

  • Provides cost-effective solutions to manufacturers looking for help with manufacturing and testing, complex assembly and process control.
  • Generates complex and dynamic procedures that outdated techniques cannot execute.
  • Reduces material costs and simplifies wiring.

The Advantages of HMI Programming

The graphical interface of HMI gives it an edge over its competitors. Its interface is user-friendly and features color-coding for easy identification. Other benefits of HMI include:

  • Reliable Messaging
  • Better Communications
  • Easier Overall Management
  • Lower Cost

When it comes to HMI and PLC programming, our specialists are knowledgeable with several PLC and HMI brands. Furthermore, our team has experience with working industrial PC-based systems. Rest assured that you’re always in the loop when it comes to the status of your programming request.

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