According to the Robotic Industries Association, manufacturing in the United States accounts for $2.17 trillion in annual economic activity. Additionally, over 98 percent of manufacturers in the country qualify as small businesses. These organizations need to leverage every advantage to stay competitive.

SPI Automation Group, LLC, helps these businesses by offering manufacturing automation in Utah. Our firm’s knowledge and experience in automation allow us to provide factory and production line automation solutions, which optimize a company’s investment in control systems and data infrastructure. 

The Advantages of Automating Processes in Manufacturing

Automation empowers small businesses in the U.S. to stand toe-to-toe with competitors across the globe. With a stronger strategy and greater technical expertise, these small companies can continue to manufacture quality products at affordable prices. Automation also offers these key benefits:

  • Enhanced Efficiency – Automation can take care of the tedious, manual tasks relegated to workers. Rather than assign employees repetitive tasks, manufacturing firms can have these workers handle strategic, high-level jobs that use their expertise.
  • Safer Workplace – Manufacturing companies can delegate potentially dangerous manufacturing processes to machines. This helps minimizes accidents and maintain employee wellness.
  • Decreased Costs – Firms can continuously upgrade automation systems until they’re as efficient as possible. When these machines produce little waste heat and focus on precise and controlled movements, they make manufacturing less expensive. This reduces costs and raises profits.

Giving Manufacturing Firms the Edge They Need

With our process automation solutions, manufacturers have the opportunity to minimize energy consumption, improve yields and boost production rates. Additionally, our clients will get the best from us. We are a CSIA-Certified Control System Integrator authorized to deliver the best automation experience.

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