Bakery Automation – Robotic Roses Made from Icing (Robo Rose)

Bakery Automation – Robotic Roses Made from Icing (Robo Rose)

Some of the projects that SPI Automation does, is unique to their nature. One of the projects we’ve done over the years, is one that we call “Robo Rose”. Which is automatically or robotically building roses. We had a customer that had the need to produce a high volume of pre-built, three-dimensional, six and nine pedal roses. We broke that down by studying how roses were built by hand and we duplicated that with a robot. In a bakery, they go on cakes, and these roses were built at a rate of 40,000 a day. It involves a great deal of movement with the robotics, very finite movement, and also involves creativity in the solution. We’d love to understand some of your bakery automation needs. Contact us to learn more.

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