Bakery Automation: Ice Cream Cake Decorating

Bakery Automation: Ice Cream Cake Decorating

Another application that we’ve done in the food industry is decorating ice cream cakes. These cakes are decorated at a rate of 30 p/minute and have to be able to look like your Aunt decorated the cake, yet these are robots. They are involved in very complex motion, that put these cakes together.

The customer asked us to decorate and write, in script, “Happy Birthday” on their cakes. We were able to build a system to do the decorating and writing the script in a very precise and high quality standard. We also increased their total production while reducing the overall workforce to produce those cakes, and in turn save the customer a significant amount of money.

Our customers come to us and tell us, “we’d like it to be automated, but we’d like it to look like it was hand done”. That’s a very fine balance that you strike. We are frequently the people that say “yes”, after many of our competitors say “no” to people who bring problems or processes to us that we can automate for them.

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