What’s Driving the Rapid Adoption of Automation?

It is cliché to say, “a lot has happened” since we last connected. We are all facing new challenges in our businesses. The labor market is extremely tough, every customer I visit with is expressing the challenge. The challenge comes on a daily basis when you need to decide which production line to idle due to lack of labor.

The supply chain is a real struggle as well. Common components that were “on the shelf” are routinely quoted at 18-20 weeks out, if they will even quote a delivery. Pricing of raw materials continues to climb.

All these pressures apply to your business as well as ours. Bottom line, what do we do?

Check out our infographic outlining what’s driving the rapid adoption of automation

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Labor isn’t going to solve itself, lead times are getting stretched and price of goods is going up. Let’s get started on something now and lock things in where we are currently.

Let’s touch base and review past projects we may have quoted, or new ideas you may have. If it’s better that I speak with someone else in your organization, please share my message and their contact info.

We look forward to earning your business.

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