FANUC America Recognizes SPI Automation with Sales Growth Award

North Salt Lake, UT, March 11, 2020 – SPI Automation received the Sales Growth Award for its outstanding growth of robot sales from 2018 to 2019 from FANUC America at the 2020 FANUC Authorized System Integrator Conference. FANUC is a leading industry supplier of robots, CNC systems and factory automation. 

“We’re very honored to receive this award from FANUC,” said Ryan Park, SPI Automation’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “Our relationship with FANUC has continued to strengthen over the years. Our solutions push the technological envelope. FANUC has the most advanced robotic offering, and that’s the reason we use their robots. They’ve been a great partner to us.” 

Founded in 1994, SPI Automation is a leader in the development and implementation of robotic systems, integrated vision systems, and other capabilities for food, automotive, nutraceutical, manufacturing and packaging automation industries. As a premier robotic systems integrator, SPI Automation’s goal is to apply their passion for robotics and engineering to help their customers operate more efficiently while reducing their costs. 

SPI Automation’s relationship with FANUC dates back over a decade. One of the first projects where SPI Automation used FANUC robots was an application within the food industry. Since that time, SPI Automation has integrated 100’s robots in automation projects around the world. 

SPI Automation has excelled at integrating available technologies in new ways to accomplish customer manufacturing and packaging goals with greater accuracy and less impact to floorspace and budget. A notable example was a past project involving a customer that ran sandwich products, which required 40+ production people each shift.  SPI Automation designed a system using vision that integrated with FANUC robots. The result was a system that significantly reduced labor costs, decreased work-related injuries, improved reliability and resulted in a Return on Investment (ROI) of less than one year. 

“I think the biggest thing for SPI Automation is that we’ve proven ourselves to be innovators in the robotics space with our designs, technology, interfaces and vision,” Park said. “When people see that innovation, it lends itself to these awards we’ve received.”

FANUC has also bestowed various design and sales awards to SPI Automation dating back to 2012, including the Innovation Award for System of Year in 2012. 

SPI Automation’s unique robotic solutions include applications in pack and place, cup placement, ultrasonic cutting, palletizing, vision and verification systems, and much more, including bundling multiple application technologies into a single robotic packaging cell.  The diverse knowledge base of SPI Automation engineers and programmers encompasses the entire manufacturing robotics process, allowing us to solve nearly any customer challenge with the appropriate level of robotic automation.

“What really differentiates us from our competitors is our innovation, our service and our relationship-driven model,” Park said. “When we work with our customers on a robotic solution, we ensure the unit is correctly sized, has the optimum end-of-arm tooling, and that the robot works seamlessly with the rest of the equipment within the cell.”  “I would put our talented staff up against any company in the world. We’re about building relationships with our customers, and it’s served us well for over 25 years.”

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