Robotic Cupcake Depanner and Tray Denester

Cupcake Automated Depanner In Factory

Update to a previous post “High-Speed Depanning with Four Robots” by going here.

This automated robotic cupcake depanner has the ability to depan up to 1,200 cupcakes per minute. As cupcakes move down a conveyor in their baking pans, two of four Fanuc robots depan the cupcakes, move them to an adjacent conveyor, and place them in plastic trays. The plastic trays on the adjacent conveyor are denested by an additional two Fanuc robots.

When a different cupcake (shape/size/orientation) is sent down the conveyor, the depanning Fanuc robots cycle through an automatic tool change. New End Of Arm Tooling is quickly switched to accommodate the new product. This quick and automatic tool change significantly reduces down-time for the product.

An additional benefit of this system is it’s ability to depan and place large sheet cakes on the same conveyor line used for the cupcakes. The flexibility of using the same conveyor for a variety of different products significantly reduces footprint requirements while increasing productivity.

Watch the video to view this automated robotic depanner system in action. Please contact SPI Automation if you have questions about how we can design a similar automated system for you.

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