High-Speed Depanning With Four Robots

Baking Industry Robotic Automation Depanning

SPI Automation was recently tasked with depanning 1,200 cupcakes per minute from a conveyor, and placing them onto an adjacent conveyor into 15 or 24 count trays. The conveyor adjacent to the cupcakes required a tray placement of 80 per minute in order to collect the depanned cupcakes and send them further down the line.

The solution for the task was achieved by integrating four Fanuc robots into the cupcake line. Two robots on the cupcake side, and two on the tray placement side.

When a different cupcake line (shape/size/orientation) is sent down the conveyor, the End Of Arm Tooling (EOAT) heads on the four Fanuc robots can be quickly switched out, without the use of tools, to accommodate the different product. The quick change EOAT significantly reduces down time on the product line.

Another added benefit of this system is it’s ability to depan and place large sheets cakes on the same conveyor lines used by the cupcakes. Being able to use the same line for a variety of products greatly reduces floor space and increases productivity.

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