Bakery Automation: Hamburger Assembly

Bakery Automation: Hamburger Assembly

One of the other processes that we’ve done recently is for a customer back on the east coast in assembling hamburgers for them. These were pre-cooked hamburgers that formerly were put together by hand. It was a totally manual opperation. We were able to automate the process through the integration of fanic robots.

Burgers are introduced to the system in bulk through a centrifical feeder, and singulated and fed to a laning device where the burgers are presented horizontally flat, the robots then use suction to place the burgers onto an open faced bun. The bun then travels and gets cheese deposited on, maybe some other toppings, and the final step in the process is an additional robot, picks the top bun and completes the sandwich and delivers the sandwich to a flow wrapping system.

They are roughly doing 50,000 hamburgers a day, and they’ve been very satisfied with this process. This has now given them reliability, consistent quality, and is a significant factor that automation has played a part in their achieving that success.

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