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How to Find a Robotics Automation Partner for Your Business

Whether you’re a small business looking to expand production or a large factory trying to [...]

The Benefits of Automation for Your Business

Automation is defined as technology that allows a task or workflow to be accomplished with [...]

Why Automate? Benefits of Automated Technology for Your Business

Automation may sound like a fancy new buzzword, but in truth the technology that powers [...]

SPI Automation Announces 25th Anniversary

North Salt Lake, UT— February 14, 2019: SPI Automation, Inc. (SPI) has reached a milestone [...]

SPI Automation Featured on Speaking on Business Radio Program

SPI Automation was featured on the Zions Bank Speaking on Business Radio show recently. They [...]

New Award: Outstanding Sales Growth 2017

SPI Automation has just won another award from Fanuc America. This award is for outstanding [...]

Bakery Automation: Hamburger Assembly

One of the other processes that we’ve done recently is for a customer back on [...]

Bakery Automation: Ice Cream Cake Decorating

Another application that we’ve done in the food industry is decorating ice cream cakes. These [...]

Bakery Automation – Robotic Roses Made from Icing (Robo Rose)

Some of the projects that SPI Automation does, is unique to their nature. One of [...]

Labor vs Automation Infographic: How Robotics Can Increase Your Bottom Line

We’ve done some extensive research to help illustrate a comparison of traditional manual labor vs [...]